Login Related

Can I login with multiple accounts on my phone?
No, you can only login with one account on your device.

I’m unable to login even after providing my email address.
Write & share your concern with us on support@ludoninja.com

Game Related

What are the rules of the game and how is the winner decided?
To understand the rules of the go to Settings > How to play

What do I get when the game starts?

  • 4 tokens. All tokens are in open position. Players can start moving tokens with any number.
  • Pre-decided number sequence of limited number of moves.
  • All players get equal number of 1s, 2s, 3s, 4s, 5s, 6s. The order is randomly shuffled for all players.
  • 10 seconds to move your turn. Not moving within this time leads to a ‘skip’ of turn.

When do I get an extra move in the game?
Cutting opponent's token or taking your token Home gives an extra move.

Will I get an extra move after a 6 number move?
No. Moving on a 6 does not give an extra move.

How is the extra move given?
The extra move is always random generated. It can be any random number from 1 to 6.

What is ‘Extra Time’ that I am seeing during the game?
‘Extra Time’ of 30 seconds is given if player fails to play their move within 10 seconds. This is given so that players don’t suffer in case of internet connectivity issues. Player can choose to either play their move, or skip their turn to resume the game. If the Extra Time is used up, moves get skipped if player doesn’t play within 10 seconds. 3 skips lead to quitting the game and the opponent wins!

Who am I playing against in the Online section?
You are randomly matched against other players on Ludo Ninja.

How do I register for a match?
Simply tap the amount required to play the match. Click Register on the pop-up and you will be registered for that match.

Can I unjoin a match I joined before it starts?
No, you can’t unjoin once you have joined the match.

I want to turn on the sound/music.
Go to Settings > Sound/Music > ON

I am from Assam / Odisha / Sikkim / Nagaland / Telangana / Meghalaya / Andhra Pradesh / Arunachal Pradesh, and am unable to play paid games. Why am I only allowed to play free games?
We would like to inform you that players from Assam, Odisha, Sikkim, Nagaland, Meghalaya, Andhra Pradesh, Arunachal Pradesh and Telangana are not allowed to play real money games on Ludo Ninja. This is due to policy reasons, and we firmly abide by the same.

Can I play the regular ludo format in the app?
No, you can only play the format available

I left a match by mistake, can I rejoin?
No, you can’t rejoin a match you quit/left previously.

Will I get a refund for a match I leave in between?
No, you will not receive a refund in such a case.

I registered for a match but did not join, will I get a refund?
No, you will not receive a refund in such a case.

I had poor internet connection during the match.
An unstable internet connection can lead to a disqualification. A refund is not issued on disqualification.

What if there is a tie in the game?
The payout is split in case of a tie.

I can’t find the game I joined.
Don’t worry, if you are inside the app, you will automatically join the game as it starts. You will see ‘Joined’ in place of the entry amount for the game you joined. You can also scroll through

Can I join a game after it has started?
No, you cannot join a game in between.

What’s +56 that I see when someone taken a token home?
You receive 1 point for every move your pawn takes. You need a total of 56 moves to reach home. When you reach home, the score for the pawn that reaches home is doubled as a bonus. Hence the +56.

Where can I see my available skips during a game?
You can click on ‘i’ below your avatar to see your available skips. You can tap the ‘i’ below the avatar of other players to see their available skips. Please note, you don’t get any extra turn in place of the turns you skip.

How many times can I skip my turn?
You can skip your turn twice only. You are disqualified on the 3rd skip.

My clicks don't register/lag.
Maintain a good internet connection.

What are the different tournament formats?
In 1vs1, you play against a single user and there is only one winner. In 1 Winner, 2 Winner and 3 Winner formats, there are 4 players but the prize is split between 1, 2 and 3 players respectively.

Can I stop the vibration during my turn?
No, vibrations are used to remind users of their turn during the game.

I think I didn’t get equal number of moves.
We ensure that every user gets the same number of moves.

Do my tokens move automatically?
No, you need to tap the token you want to move.

I was unable to find specific matches.
Either you have selected a filter that hides the matches you are looking for, or some matches may not be available at that time.

Payments & Withdrawal Related

Can I withdraw the Bonus Cash?
No, a portion of your bonus cash along with your deposits is used for tournament registrations.

How do I add deposit money?
Tap on your wallet > Click “Add Next” to deposit amount > Enter amount > Add play money > Complete transaction.

Can I withdraw deposit money?
No, you can only use deposit money for playing games.

How can I withdraw money?
You can withdraw money from your winnings amount. A minimum balance of Rs. 60 is necessary to make withdrawal.

Where can I withdraw money?
You can withdraw money to your Bank Account or online Wallet.

What are the accepted payment modes?
We accept Paytm UPI, Credit Card, Debit Card, Net Banking and major e-wallets.

I’m getting "Invalid Coupon Code" when I'm applying my coupon code
Please recheck the coupon code or try selecting a coupon code from an available list of coupon codes. You can find all available coupon codes by clicking “Apply Coupon” when you add money. Simply click on ‘Redeem” to auto-apply the coupon code.

Where can I see my transaction history?
You can check your entire transaction history on the wallet page. Your transaction history includes deposits added, withdrawals, money deducted for tournaments, money won, money refunded and referrals.

I’m getting “Error in Payment. Please Retry”.
Please check your wallet. If the necessary amount hasn’t been added to your deposits, email us on support@ludoninja.com

Where will I receive cashback?
Your cashback will be added to your deposits. If it’s a bonus cashback, the cashback amount will be deposited to your Bonus money.

I’m unable to find my preferred mode of payment.
We support all major payment providers. If you find your preferred payment mode missing, please email us at support@ludoninja.com and we would be happy to explore additional payment modes.

Are my card details safe with Ludo Ninja?
Yes, we ensure your card details are 100% secure and never shared with a third party.

How do I receive a refund?
If you made a payment for a tournament but could not get a table, the charged amount will be credited automatically to your deposit.

Profile Related

How do I edit my Display Photo?
Tap the placeholder icon next to your name on the top left corner. Click on Edit Avatar. Take a picture or select a picture from your gallery.

Can I use any image?
We recommend you use your own picture as a profile avatar. Your image should not contain nudity or otherwise offensive content.

Can I change my email id or phone number associated with my account?
No, it’s not possible to change these details.

Can I play from a territory outside India?
Only residents of India (outside of Assam, Orissa, Telangana, Sikkim, Meghalaya, Andhra Pradesh, Arunachal Pradesh and Nagaland) can play the game.

My account was blocked, what can I do?
In case your account was blocked, you can raise a support request on support@ludoninja.com

Can I play Ludo Ninja if I am under 18?
No, you need to be 18 or older to play Ludo Ninja.